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Hi.  I’m Courtney.  I’m the only female living in a house full ‘o testosterone.  My husband and three young sons keep me very busy, but not busy enough to stop me from documenting my crazy life on this here little ‘ol blog.  I love writing (obviously), reading, and repeatedly watching episodes of GLEE.  I strive to have a lovely home and cook good food, with a lifetime success rate of about 25%.  I was a daily singer in a previous incarnation, but seem to have traded Brahms’ Requiem for Brahms’ Lullaby these days.  I watch either completely inane or completely brilliant television with no tolerance for the merely mediocre.  Grammar is a sick hobby.  I have approximately five grey hairs.  What else could you possibly want to know?  Oh…how about something about the rest of our cast of characters?

This wacky man is the love of my life.  We met in Jr. High School and for me it was true and immediate love…he was too busy playing video games to notice.  Fast-forward a couple of years to high school and we’re a silly young couple, complete with the requisite young-person drama.  Fortunately for everyone in the universe we broke it off, went our separate ways, and grew the heck up.  We reunited, against my initial protests, during my final year of college and he romantically proposed to me the night of my college graduation, five years exactly after we shared our first kiss (awww).  We were married in 2000 after a year of sinful living, which just goes to show you the love is real.  We did all the things young marrieds are prone to do: bought a house, fixed it up, travelled, and started having babies.  Between Baby 1 and Baby 2 we went and extended our kitchen, just to make things extra spicy.  You can often see this fine specimen of manhood horsing around with the other Ys, toting the speedy middle Y around on his shoulders, good-naturedly repairing the computers of those near-and-dear, or fine-honing his pretend drummer skills on the Wii.  Please don’t ever say anything bad about him as he is truly my partner and I could not do a bit of this parenting I do without his wisdom, aid, love, and support.

These are my children.  You must never say anything about them other than that they are clearly the most beautiful, intelligent, and clever beings in existence.  Okay, so they probably aren’t, but you aren’t allowed to say that.  Big Y is 11, splendidly smart and inquisitive, and as sensitive as all get-out.  He reads far above his age level and recently has taken such an enthusiastic interest in Geography that he’s far out-stripped our knowledge.  He’s much like me in personality and temperament.  Yikes.  Middle Y is 9 and has a wild streak, to say the least.  My grandpa would have called him a “pistol”.  Impossibly fast, hilarious, smart, and handsome, he is also laid-back in personality and knows how far charm will get him.  Baby Y is 6 and is a flirtatious, clever, incredibly cheerful dude.  He has shown a quick temper but it is rarely seen as he spends nearly all of his time smiling.  If there is one overriding, universal characteristic they all share it is that they are such joyful children.  People always say our babies are happy babies!

They all three enjoy stories, songs, Superheros, Wii, and ketchup.

7 Responses to About

  1. Pat/Granny Pat

    Hi Court!! I LOVE the new look of this blog. I follow it regularly and really enjoy reading it.

  2. administrator

    Thanks, Pat! I checked yours out as well…how fun! Glad to know I played a wee small part in inspiring you to blog, too! Be well…

  3. Pat/Granny Pat

    Hi Court! Loved the Staycation post. Greats pic’s. I’m not able to leave a comment when I’m on that post. I click the blue circle and nothing happens.
    Pat/Granny Pat

  4. hervé

    Hello Courtney,

    I saw your blog and you have beautiful one. Plus, it’s courageous that you gave your hair. Will giving your hair in the future ?

    Hope talking to you soon.


    • administrator

      Thanks, Hervé. I don’t think I’ll donate my hair again, mostly because I don’t care for having long(ish) hair at all. It’s kind of selfish when I put it like that, but I guess I did it once at least! :) For those who like their hair long, I imagine it is a different kind of sacrifice…for people like myself, the sacrifice was in growing it out that much in the first place! Either way, not such a big sacrifice in the grand scheme of things, and hopefully someone will benefit from my hair contribution.

  5. Ann Johnson

    My husband has parasomnia and I am trying to follow your blog for this reason only. Can you direct me to articles pertaining to this problem? My other half has had this about 6+ years. Medications are a problem and make things worse. Thanks for your answer.

    • administrator

      I found the book Sleep by Carlos Schenck to be very helpful when we were first exploring the parasomnia and possible approaches. I’m not sure which medications you’ve tried, but I would say a good sleep specialist is worth their weight in gold. If you haven’t found someone you like, I hope you will keep trying until you find one that will listen to and work with you (well, your husband…but also you!)

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