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One of the Guys

Posted by on February 15, 2010

Wow, what a weekend! And thanks to the total randomness of President’s Day, it’s not over for us yet. It was a good balance of completing necessary tasks (cleaning the house…you do not want to know how gross it had gotten around here, but if you’ll remember our three young boys I’m sure you can imagine) and relaxing.  We watched three movies for the project (I’ll write a bit more at the end of this post, so you can decide if you’re interested in reading ’til the bitter end or not.  Ha.)  We got some groceries.  We ate our Saturday Morning Special and Joe and the boys spent a huge chunk of Saturday afternoon playing in the plentiful snow. I didn’t get any pictures of it, but at one point the boys had Joe buried up to his shoulders in the snow.  Sometimes it’s good to live here.  I’ll regale you with a few other fun photos from the winter wonderland:

I washed and folded no fewer than 8 loads of laundry.  We watched the Olympics intermittently and Max cheered for random countries. (“Go, Japan!” being the most recent encouragement.)  We went to church on Sunday morning and on the way home enjoyed our weekly game of “Keep Seth Awake Until We Get Home”.  You see, church ends at such a time as to make the ride home from church the perfect storm of sleep-inducing elements (time? check. gentle motion of riding in car? check. bright midday sun warming one’s body to perfect napping temperature? check.)  But if Seth falls asleep in the car he will not continue to sleep as we carry him in to the house.  He will in fact wake up and then not nap at all.  So we poke, prod, tickle, talk loudly, sing, or whatever else we can think to do to keep him awake for those crucial 20 minutes.  Yesterday we were singing one of Ollie’s new favorite songs from school: “where is ____?”  You know, like the old “Where is Thumbkin?” song but substituting with people’s names or objects we hide or something along those lines.  We were playing with our family’s names in peek-a-boo fashion trying to engage Seth enough to stave off the sleepies.  So I started it, singing this:
(covering my eyes) “Where is Seth?  Where is Seth? 
(uncovering eyes) There he is! There he is! 
I have a Seth…I have a Seth…he’s my son.  He’s my son.”

Then Ollie, practically shaking with delight, had me do it for him.  And Max.  And him again.  And Seth again.  And him again.  Until: “Now I sing it for you, Mama!”

“Okay, Ollie…go!”

(covering eyes AND singing delightfully off-key) “Where is Mama?  Where is Mama?
(uncovering eyes and STILL singing delightfully off-key) There he is!  There he is! 
I have a mama!  I have a mama!  He’s my son.  He’s my son.”

He was a bit perplexed but good-natured about the resulting laughter.  Even after we tried explaining “son” and the kind of relationship it connotes to him, he still kept singing that I was his son.  But so was Max, and Seth, and Joe.

And sure, I could just say he gets his pronouns all confused but I really prefer to imagine that he just thinks of me as one of the guys, and that’s why he always refers to me as “he”.  Anyway, I just love the kid more and more everyday; as he has fewer incidents that make me want to pull out all my hair, his humor and intelligence and happy nature shine through.  He’s my sun.

****Movie Time!****

We’re a bit off-track with the project, so we tried to watch a whole bunch this weekend.  Friday night we slid Iron Man into our DVD player (you know, the one with Robert Downey Jr.?) and really enjoyed it.  First of all, RDJr. is one of those lucky guys who gets better looking every single year, even in spite of his many years of drug habit.  I mean, damn.  It probably helped that his character in this movie was every woman’s subconscious dream man: a super-wealthy, incredibly intelligent, misguided and  philandering playboy who, though a life-changing near-death experience, finds his heart and is inspired to do what he can to change the world, vigilante-style.  Bad Boy-turned-Good Guy-with-an-edge.  The story was exciting and fun and stuff blew up.  Not the kind of movie I typically go for but it was really, really funny.

We were sidetracked from movie-viewing intentions on Saturday as Joe found himself troubleshooting a work problem for the head honcho, so our next opportunity for a movie came on Sunday night: The Simpsons Movie.  If you know my husband at all you’re probably shocked that we’d never seen this movie; it’s been sitting on our DVD shelf for years with dozens of others we’ve not yet found the time to watch (thus, this project.)  It was…not good.  Not funny.  We are fans of “The Simpsons” on the small screen, though our interest has waned BIG TIME in recent years, so we were hoping it would be a laugh fest but…no.  Unfortunately, I was subjected to Bart’s nether regions and while the execution of that scene was amusing, I did not need to see his little cartoon wiener.  The part we laughed hardest at was not even part of the movie but something we found in the extras:

And finally, G Force.  Joe picked this up from the Red Box to watch with the kiddos this afternoon.  And while I wasn’t keen on adding it to the list, we did watch it together and we hadn’t seen it before, so it qualifies.  I wish it didn’t.  It was everything you’d expect a live-action/computer animated hybrid about guinea pigs who are elite secret agents trying to save the world to be.  Not great.  But the kids, predictably, enjoyed it.  Blech.

I sure hope our next couple of movies make up for the two stinkers.  As they say: onward and upward!

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