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Now THAT’S What I’m Talkin’ About!

Posted by on February 1, 2010

Wow.  A weekend that was good.  I’d forgotten it was possible to enjoy two days so much.

So what, pray tell, went into this fantastic weekend?  A whole lot of nuthin’.  Nada.  Zilch.  The week that preceded this amazing weekend of uncluttered bliss was hectic, with me staying up till nearly midnight all nights working, so that made the laziness that followed all the more sweet.  We hung out on Friday night, and after the kids were in bed Joe and I talked over some logistics for the upcoming auction at church.  After talking with the seasoned veterans about bringing it all together my piece of the pie became drastically smaller.  And while I felt a bit guilty, there was also tremendous relief.  You see, I’d been intending to work on this in bits for these few weeks leading up, with just the last-minute stuff to do in this remaining week, but then Ray died.  And Seth got the croup last Monday and still has it.  Which isn’t super scary to experienced three-time parents with croup-prone children anymore*, but it’s still miserable because the poor little guy is miserable.  He cries.  He clings.  He puts his weary little head on your shoulder. Or your arm. Or your foot.  Whatever is closest.  I’d taken him to the Dr. on Thursday just to make sure it wasn’t anything else, since the bug was so persistent, but nope.  Just croup.  Terrible midnight seal-barking cough and all.  Anyway, so after the last 2.5 weeks I’ve had, I tried to let go of my guilty feelings about handing over auction work and just focus on the fam.

Saturday morning we had our oatmeal pancake and bacon breakfast.  As usual, we gobbled nearly everything right up and had a very pleasant time of it.  I love Saturday mornings around here…I just adore the tradition we’ve built with this meal, and how much everyone appreciates the food.  Because man, it does get old hearing your 6-year-old complain about what’s set before him at every.single.meal.  Who can complain about bacon, though…I mean really.  Only vegetarians, I guess.

That afternoon I ran some necessary errands while Seth napped, and came home and laid about a bit, which given my total lack of adequate sleep in three weeks was also necessary.  We had dinner.  We bathed our smelly boys.  Then our friends Charlie and Angie came over, played with the kids and visited some,  and after we got the little guys in bed the four of us knocked another movie out for the Movie Project.  This selection was courtesy of Angie’s walk-down-memory-lane Netflix jag: Vision Quest, starring Matthew Modine.  I went into this with zero expectations.  I had never even heard of this movie before.  But hey, we’ve got 100 movies to watch this year, so roll film is what I say.

What good is an 80s coming-of-age story without boobs & rubber suits?

It was a really, really funny movie.  I think it was mostly meant to be funny, but there were some things that were unintentionally humorous.  The names of the characters slayed me.  The main character was Louden Swain.  God, that sounds like Salinger came up with it, not Hollywood. (Wait, I just looked it up and it was a book first.  So Hollywood can’t take credit for the funny names.) He is a just-turned-18-year-old guy who decides to challenge himself by dropping two weight classes and wrestle the state’s undefeated champion, a bloke named “Shute”.  His teammates, coach, and teachers think he’s crazy as he starves himself and runs all over town in a rubber suit.  Other hilarious names in the film include Kuch, a friend from the wrestling team who at first claims to be Native American and later recants this claim, and Elmo, the cook at the hotel where Louden is a room service waiter.  First: Kuch?  Really?  Did that not mean in 1985 what it means now?  And Elmo?  I think it maybe pre-dates the furry red monster, but even if it does, weird name.  Also, Madonna is in this film as herself, singing “Crazy For You” in this club and promoting her burgeoning career.  Louden aspires to be a gynecologist in outer space when he graduates college (and I guess medical school?)  And there are so many funny lines in the movies, too.  If you don’t mind obscenity, go here and read some good ones.  In short, a great bit of humor with some great friends on a Saturday night.  Ahhhhh.

Sunday Joe took Max to church while I stayed home with the little guys, because Seth=croup.  Still.  So no church nursery for him.  We just kind of kicked-back on the couch and watched Sesame Street (more Elmo!) so it was really relaxing.  Joe and Max returned when Seth was napping, and the boys played their allotment of Wii while Joe and I laid on the sun-drenched bed in the guest room.  It was almost like being in the Caribbean, but not.  There were no bottles of Carib, for one.  And then!  To cap it all off…Joe and I got to go out alone last night, like on a date.  And we didn’t have specific plans.  I can’t stress how rare it is that we don’t have plans, so what an anomaly this whole weekend was.  A sweet, sweet anomaly.

*Croup story: the first time Max had croup, we were in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, South Dakota.  We had NO IDEA what was going on, just that he was making this horrible sound and could not breathe.  We called Joe’s mom, who lived about 15 minutes from where we were staying, at 2 am and she was so groggy she couldn’t tell us where the nearest hospital was.  Again, we were inexperienced and thought our kid might be dying or something.  She did have the presence of mind to tell us to sit with him in the bathroom with the shower cranked as hot as it’d go, to get it all steamy in there.  And it worked.  He still had the horrible cough, but his breathing freed up a bit.  While I sat with two-year-old Max in that sauna bathroom, Joe packed up all our stuff in the car and we just starting driving home, figuring with each mile we’d get closer to a bevy of hospitals.  We made it all the way home and by 6 am we were all sleeping peacefully in our own beds.  And now we’ve spent so many nights with a feverish kid in a steamy bathroom it’s second nature.

P.S. Some weird things happening with my site.  I just previewed this entry and my page was replaced by a Scientology ad.  Just so you know…I do not endorse whatever strangeness is happening.  We’ll try to get it fixed, and soon.

4 Responses to Now THAT’S What I’m Talkin’ About!

  1. Rachel

    I LOVE that movie! I haven’t seen it in years, either. I forgot all about the names – funny! I hope Seth finds some relief soon – which in turn, would bring some relief to you guys! Sorry I missed you the other day! Let’s get together soon! (And not on an emergency status!)

  2. Crazy Aunt Linda

    Ah, yes…life’s simple pleasures are the best! [but from time to time you need a little Wang Dang Doodle just to keep things interesting!]
    Hey, I think I need your Oatmeal Pancakes recipe [swap for my banana pancakes recipe?] unless it’s a family secret or something. WISH I could get all these movies but it’s pretty much “Ninja Nuns Kick Butt” here on the Island!

  3. Carolyn

    What do you mean in the middle of nowhere??? And, you’re kind in saying I was groggy….I mainly just didn’t know where the hospital was. Hadn’t been there yet since I’d moved here.

    I can vouch for those oatmeal pancakes. I’d like the recipe too.

  4. administrator

    Okay, Carolyn…I was trying to give you a valid excuse, since we called you in the middle of the night. But now you just admitted you didn’t know where your own hospital was! What if you’d broken your arm out there in the middle of nowhere? And believe me, to a City Slicker like myself it sure feels like the middle of nowhere out there on the plains. Most of the time it’s in a very good way. 😉

    AND…here’s a link to my Oatmeal Pancake recipe that I posted on a cooking website:

    (Linda…make sure you have the ingredients on hand, just in case I drop by St. Kitts. We can show one another the ropes!)

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