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Monday Mayhem with a Manhattan View

Posted by on August 6, 2012

Oh, hello there. Greetings I send you this morning from Minnesota, which has the following to recommend it at the moment:

  • Lovely, cool breezes
  • Fresh, sweet-smelling air
  • The myriad sounds of nature

You can see my greetings sent from NYC below, and it must be noted for my own present contentment that NY had not one of those three things in the bulleted list above. In fact, it was pretty much the antithesis of those things. But you can see as we talk that it was magical in just about every other way:

I’ll be posting (probably tomorrow) with pictures and a detailed account of my time in NYC, which was so, so very awesome. But I think you couldn’t handle any more awesome from here today anyway, after that brilliant guest host Brad and the city and all the other things to commend this week’s Monday Mayhem episode. Enjoy, and see you tomorrow…

2 Responses to Monday Mayhem with a Manhattan View

  1. Ahna

    So jealous! Pie that makes you weep. Sounds a little like “Pushing Daisies.” That patio is to die for – complete with naked man in neighboring patio. BTW – I’m sure that we can find a sing-a-long piano bar that is wonderful. If not, let’s make one up!

  2. Crazy Aunt Linda

    Very much fun. Can I have a peice of that pie? Please?
    [I love that Midwesterners are famous for our manners]

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