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Monday Mayhem Summer #7 and Bucket List for 7/29-8/5

Posted by on July 30, 2012


What a week. Busy in that totally everyday sort of way that seems to be unique to living with young people. Here I am telling you all about it. With sound effects:


Bucket List for the week of 7/29-8/5:

  • See a show. IN NEW YORK!
  • Sing karaoke. IN NEW YORK!
  • Drink some beer. IN NEW YORK!
  • Give my BFF four months’ worth of hugs. IN NEW YORK!

2 Responses to Monday Mayhem Summer #7 and Bucket List for 7/29-8/5

  1. kate

    Yay for the return of the prodigal backpack! :) Of course being one who dwells on lost items this is the main thing I got out of this week’s post.

    Have fun in New York! I am quite jealous and really feeling like I need to see a show sometime in the near future. Then again, with life getting in the way I am guessing performing in Guys and Dolls this fall and directing The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe this spring will have to suffice for now. I can’t wait to hear all about whatever it is you get to see.

    Oh, and I love stream-of-consciousness in a narrator because it makes me feel totally at home.

  2. Crazy Aunt Linda

    Having to decide between about a hundred shows in New York? MY kind of problem! I am just looking at this and you are leaving today! Safe, FUN trip!
    p.s. You know how I love a zoo. Would have taken me longer. Was there popcorn?

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