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Monday Mayhem Summer #6 and Bucket List for 7/22-7/28

Posted by on July 23, 2012

The world is right again, dear WttYers. Since you last left me in a puddle of heat exhaustion, we have a new HVAC system (and much lighter pocketbooks, ouch!) and I have a renewed spirit of fun as a result. Amazing what some quality sleep will do for a girl. So here’s a little recap of our recent family events, followed by my bucket list for the week:


Bucket List for 7/22-7/28:

  • See Spiderman with Maxwell, and 1 or 2 museums as chosen by my sidekick for the week.
  • Restore my Raggedy Ann doll to some of its former glory.
  • Try 2 new recipes.

See you soon!

3 Responses to Monday Mayhem Summer #6 and Bucket List for 7/22-7/28

  1. Crazy Aunt Linda

    Stops and cuts out at the .37 second mark but I liked what I saw so far!
    Glad your a/c and energy are restored! Will try again later.

  2. Crazy Aunt Linda

    Got through the whole video and am pondering this melting popsicle thing. I thought when it starts melting you just eat faster and wipe your sticky fingers on your pants?
    I hope you and Max are having a wonderful weekend seeing and eating things.
    Love to all!

  3. Manda

    This may have been my favorite video you’ve ever posted, but I can’t even articulate why. Has Max ever been so animated? Has anyone ever said “lime” with such savor? And such great giggles and stories. I love these videos :)

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