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It’s a Good Thing I Took Pictures…

Posted by on June 19, 2012

…that is, BEFORE I had to wait outside in the blistering 90+ degree heat/humidity for almost an hour due to a very, very tardy bus. Behold, my new hair:

It’s turquoise! After an informal Facebook poll where I asked: conservative, or wild color for the highlights? and the overwhelming response was “wild, silly; you only live once!” My husband heartily concurred and when I brought up the idea of turquoise his eyes lit up like Christmas.

So, that’s a yes, then.

Of course, the very next question he posed was, “does this mean you’re going to get the nose ring next?”

4 Responses to It’s a Good Thing I Took Pictures…

  1. Manda

    I’m so curious – where did you go? I really like it! Way to be bold!

    • administrator

      My gal Ashley at a place called Salon Cheveux in Maplewood. Right across from the mall in a little strip with Jimmy John’s and Chipotle, in case you get hungry during your spa treatments…ha! It’s an Aveda place, very nice, and of course I’ve gotten attached to Ashley over the last 4 years or so.

  2. Boompa

    Does the turquoise just cover the gray? If so, I think maybe thats an idea for us more gray than browns like me and Nana.

  3. Crazy Aunt Linda

    LOVE the HAIR baby!

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