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The Bedtime Philosophers Club

Posted by on May 24, 2012

A snippet from the tail end of our conversation about life and death tonight, of course taking place at bedtime when it’s most advantageous to explore the Big Questions:

Maxwell: I’m really glad to be a human. I mean, if I were a cheetah or a parrot or something…well, I’d really be missing out on a lot.

Me: Like what?

Maxwell: For instance–really good food; and video games; technology; physics; lattice multiplication; superheroes…

He went on to list the disadvantages as well, which weren’t pain or dying but disappointments such as the inability to fly. The apple, it does not fall far from the geek tree.

P.S. Back with a big, fat entry over the big, fat weekend…can’t wait to dish the dirt/spill the beans/let the cat out of the bag! Miss this, and YOU ALL.

One Response to The Bedtime Philosophers Club

  1. Crazy Aunt Linda

    The fact that I have NO idea what lattice multiplication is does not bother me in the least. Fencing that regenerates itself?
    Anyway…missing you too! So glad to see a new one and looking forward to a Juicy new one!
    and I think being a Cheetah would be cool for running Super Fast! But not with vanishing habitats and all…sigh.

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