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I’m So Filled With Joy, My Body Can’t Hold It!

Posted by on April 21, 2009
An interesting weekend…if by interesting you mean pretty average with a really fun thing thrown in for good measure.  Saturday morning, we had decided, was going to be the perfect opportunity to start whipping the yard into shape.  People, the yard?  It is not pretty.  Last summer I was enormously pregnant, so I was generally of no use in that department, and in fact detracted from the yard beauty by insisting that Joe do other things, like play with the boys so I could sleep (important) or build us a screen porch (ummmm, not so much.  But it’s nice to have it now!  Thanks, pregnancy nesting instinct!)  For several years now our main technique has been to occassionally mow and to use the mulcher on the leaves in the fall.  We’re not big yard-carers, anyway, but things had gotten very mulchy.  Isn’t this an exciting post?  Aren’t you glad you came by?

Anyway, we ate breakfast on Saturday morn with the boys and pitched them the idea of the family yard project.  Raking! Bagging! Digging! Team Juvland, go!  So we got them sufficiently excited, and Max stuck his hand out into the middle of our grouping, palm-down, and waited for us to catch on that this was a gesture requiring our doing the same.  We piled our hands on top and said, “Team Juvland! Rock the Yard!”  Then instead of “breaking” to go do the work, we had to do this same pep maneouver about 5 more times.  But then we were finally all outdoors in the extremely beautiful (if a bit windy) morning.  We split into two samller teams: “Team Patio” and “Team Yard”.  The enthusiasm lasted about 10 minutes, until they realized it was going to take longer than the ten minutes they’d already spent working.  For the next couple of hours Joe and I worked and worked and the boys worked a little, played a lot, worked a little, complained, played, etc.  The progress was carefully tracked by Max, who kept inquiring, “Isn’t Team Yard DONE yet?  What about Team Patio?”  Ollie just bounded about, happily throwing himself onto any pile of leaves (included those already bagged) and being a helpful leaf-scooper.  I was sustained by the thought of them as teenagers, doing this themselves.  Ahhhhhh…that’s better, here in my fantasy future world.

Saturday evening we had planned to meet some of our favorite grown-up friends at the Science Museum for a birthday celebration for That Old Guy, Max.  Ollie stayed home for some valuable one-on-one time with Nana.  We met our peeps in the lobby after arriving late (of course) and convincing Max that it was really okay for us to go in, even though we weren’t members.  He’d read some sign in the parking ramp that made him feel like we weren’t welcome if we weren’t members.  Add another thing to the list of “what you don’t think of when you’re excited that your kid’s starting to read!”  I mean, there’s probably a very good reason why most kids can’t read this well until third grade or so, when their experience and reason have prepared the way for this kind of information.  Anyway, shout-out to Beth, Godmama extraordinaire to Oliver but dear friend to us all, who works at the museum and helped me tremendously in planning the outing.  We went specifically to see this exhibit about the planets/moons, and Max enjoyed running in circles around the big spherical projection screen so that he was rotating faster than the Earth, or Mars, or whatever was being projected.

Max, faster than Venus!

We next enjoyed dinosaur bones and really old poop.  Max had the time of his life having dino puppet fights with all his party guests.


The rest gets a bit fuzzier…there was a truly hilarious film about how to properly cover a sneeze/cough, a light exhibit, a super-cool water exhibit intro with a less-cool interior, and of course, fifteen minutes with THIS thing:





(Max declared this ball blowing thing his favorite thing of the night.)

Cupcakes, lemonade, and musical stairs to round out the night.  We had such a great time!  Thanks to Mark, Angie, Erik, Rayette, Brad, and Beth for coming to play with us.  And just because you all did not have the pleasure of hearing him say this, I’ll tell one last story on Max.  As we were walking in the parking ramp to our car, Max said, “I’m just so filled with joy!”  We told him we were so glad he’d enjoyed his birthday celebration.  We continued a few more steps and he said, “I’m so filled with joy, my body can’t hold it!”  And he really did look fit to burst.  In that moment, I felt exactly the same way.  We are beyond blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.  Thank you for loving us all so well.


And, well, the rest of the weekend was pretty mundane by comparison.  Joe work issue blah blah blah (or Bob Loblaw).  So much laundry.  Zelda-playing.  Homework.  Okay, now go back and read the last paragraph, as it is a much nicer note to leave on.

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