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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Monday Mayhem & Bucket List for 6/24-6/30

Hello, dahlinks… This week’s episode stars some really SUPER people, if you know what I’m sayin’. Don’t miss this star-studded saga of tragic pants, Mjolnir, and the best unknown songwriter in decades.   Bucket List for 6/24-6/30: Enjoy our trip! Aunt Betty, here we come! For serious: get music on my iPhone. Geez. Write something. … Continue reading »

Categories: Monday Mayhem, Summer 2012 Bucket Lists | 3 Comments

It’s a Good Thing I Took Pictures…

…that is, BEFORE I had to wait outside in the blistering 90+ degree heat/humidity for almost an hour due to a very, very tardy bus. Behold, my new hair: It’s turquoise! After an informal Facebook poll where I asked: conservative, or wild color for the highlights? and the overwhelming response was “wild, silly; you only … Continue reading »

Categories: Summer 2012 Bucket Lists | 4 Comments