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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Eyre-ing Out

Yesterday, I was a consumer of Jane Eyre in three different formats. Yes, three. I’ve been sick, you see, and therefore lazing about trying to get my mind of the general icky feeling in my stomach by voraciously re-reading my favorite novel during my¬†convalescence. And see, I start to talk and write like that when … Continue reading »

Categories: Books, The Movie Project | 5 Comments


After such a long absence (work, holidays, illness lather-rinse-repeat), what can I possibly do to make it up to my readership? How about a double-post today? And how about, to make up for the highly-specific and narrow target audience of my upcoming post, I will defer to my children as balm for your weary eyes? … Continue reading »

Categories: Joe, Max, Mostly Me, Ollie, Other Ys of Note, Seth | 4 Comments