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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Fist-Bumpus Interruptus

The subconscious is a weird thing. And though it will inevitably make my dad shake his head just reading this, I’m about to plumb my inner mind for your enjoyment as I recall for you a dream I recently had. It wasn’t one of those surreal dreams where your hands become lobsters or anything…it was … Continue reading »

Categories: The Courtney Chronicles | 5 Comments

Thai-in’ it On The Floor

Last night Joe and I tried another new thing: non-chain-establishment eating in the region of our upbringing. We had dropped the kids off at Nana and Boompa’s…the two older guys for the whole weekend and Seth for a few hours…and took ourselves out on a date. It’s been awhile and we were pleased to discover … Continue reading »

Categories: 2011: Year of New Things, Joe, Mostly Me | 7 Comments