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Monthly Archives: December 2010

I’m resolving to tell you about some movies…

Here it is!  New Year’s Eve, one of the biggest days of the year!  A time to reflect on your past 364 days and, judging from other blogs I read, throw together some kind of retrospective and paste it up at your corner of the internet.  But we all know I’m anything but normal, so … Continue reading »

Categories: The Movie Project | 9 Comments

Epic Proportions.

So, it was Christmas recently.  You might have guessed, based on all the decorations at your local store.  Or your beauty parlor.  Or your own darn home, for that matter.  But I’ve sure been blogging about it a lot, and so far in my narrative I haven’t even arrived yet at ACTUAL Christmas. Does that … Continue reading »

Categories: Max, Ollie, Seth | 9 Comments