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Always and evermore the Baby Y.

The Spark Plug at Six

Seth, you are a man of many names. Someone recently called you a “spark plug”, and that’s fitting. Pistol. Rascal. Piece of Work. Short Stack. Short Pump (said with a southern accent). Short…Fuse? Look, you’ve been kind of short. You are also a man of many personalities. Sometimes we get whiplash trying to keep up … Continue reading »

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This year. It’s difficult to know where to begin… At the beginning of 2013, I was in Puerto Rico with my husband, enjoying a week of respite in the warm sand. It was a much-needed getaway for the two of us, then both working full-time jobs, and Joe of course still plugging away at school … Continue reading »

Categories: Joe, Max, Mostly Me, Ollie, Seth | 4 Comments