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The Courtney Chronicles

Ridiculous and embarrassing stories from my past.

Back to School

So, it’s begun. My kids are back at school (well, Seth gets a slightly later start beginning Monday) and I am shepherding children to dress and eat breakfast, wash up and suit up for the bus stop. I am baking bread and supervising homework and keeping everyone on schedule for an earlier bedtime. (Most of … Continue reading »

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Intercom Updates

Because it’s been awhile, and current events got me remembering this: it’s time once again for a tale of acuteĀ embarrassmentĀ from my past! That’s right: another Courtney Chronicle. Once upon a time, as a college student, I spent summers as an intern for an urban service planning organization. I rode the city bus across the Marshall/Lake … Continue reading »

Categories: The Courtney Chronicles | 4 Comments